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Mountain Rocks

Mountain Rocks No-Slip Pull-Up Bar & Portable Hangboard Bundle| No Nail Hangboard

Mountain Rocks No-Slip Pull-Up Bar & Portable Hangboard Bundle| No Nail Hangboard

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Conquer climbs and build strength anywhere with this portable combo! ️

This doorway pull-up bar with a portable hangboard requires no nails and features fat grips and a strap loading pin for enhanced muscle engagement and grip strength training. The detachable hangboard boasts various grip types for targeted finger training. Both are crafted for a comfortable and secure grip. Whether you're a beginner climber or a seasoned pro, this combo helps you train smarter and climb harder.


[Effortless Installation & Removal]: Ditch the nails! This portable combo installs easily in any doorway without damaging frames. Removal is just as simple, leaving no mark behind.

[4-in-1 Climbing Powerhouse]: Level up your training with this comprehensive kit: No Slip Pull Up Bar, Fat Grips, Strap Loading Pin, and Climbing Hangboard. Unleash a variety of workouts to maximize your climbing potential.

[Master Diverse Pull-Ups]: The versatile pull-up bar sculpts your back, biceps, shoulders, and more. Go beyond classics with chin-ups, dead hangs, hammer pulls, push-ups, sit-ups, and core exercises.

[Portable Hangboard, Big-Time Gains]: Clip the hangboard to the bar or attach it to weights for targeted pinch grip training and farmer crimps. Its compact size empowers you to train anywhere, anytime.

[Sharpen Your Grip on Every Hold]: Train like a pro with various grip types: 4-finger edges, 3-finger edges, and monos (depths: 40mm-12mm). Master hangboard hangs, pinch grips, and farmer crimps for ultimate climbing dominance.

[Crafted for Comfort & Durability]:Smooth, rounded edges made from premium beechwood provide a secure and comfortable grip, workout after workout.

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