Rock climbing harder routes

Six suggestions for climbing harder routes

The rock climbing industry has thrived in recent years, with growing interest in indoor and outdoor climbing. Indoor climbing gyms have become increasingly popular, with more and more facilities opening up to meet the demand. In addition to traditional rock climbing, bouldering has also gained popularity as a separate discipline within the sport.

Rock climbing can indeed be addictive for some people. Climbing provides a unique combination of physical and mental challenges that can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. The sense of accomplishment and the rush of adrenaline that comes with reaching the top of a challenging climb can be highly addictive, leading some climbers to pursue ever more difficult routes. Whether it is a personal challenge or competition, most of us want to climb harder routes as we progress in this sport.

 If you want to train to climb more challenging routes, here are some suggestions:


  1. Increase your strength: Climbing more complex routes requires more strength. Incorporate exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, deadlifts, and squats into your training routine. Use hangboards or campus boards to improve your finger and grip strength. Check out our collection of finger training boards if you are planning to buy one.
  2. Work on your core- The core muscles play a crucial role in climbing, as they help stabilize the body and transfer power between the upper and lower body.
  3. Improve your endurance: Climbing harder routes also requires more endurance. Incorporate exercises like running, biking, or rowing into your training routine to improve cardiovascular fitness. You can also do longer climbing sessions or focus on climbing routes with sustained difficulties.

  4. Work on your technique: Technique is crucial in climbing. To improve your technique, focus on climbing efficiently and smoothly. Take time to study the routes before you climb, and pay attention to your body position, footwork, and hand placement.
  5. Practice climbing on different types of rock: Climbing on different types of rock can help you develop the skills and techniques needed to climb harder routes. Try climbing on granite, sandstone, limestone, or other rock types to broaden your experience.
  6. Push your limits: Challenge yourself by climbing routes that are at your limit. This will help you improve your mental strength and develop the ability to push through difficult sections of a climb.
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