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Campus Board Rungs Climbing for Grip Strength| Climbing Hangboard

Campus Board Rungs Climbing for Grip Strength| Climbing Hangboard

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Looking to take your finger strength training to the next level? Look no further than our wooden campus rungs! Made in Australia from solid wood with polished edges, our dual-sided rungs are perfect for climbers of all levels. With five rungs in a pack, you'll have plenty of options to challenge yourself and build up your finger strength. Both sides of each rung can be used for training, making them a versatile addition to your climbing setup. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced climber looking to push your limits, our Australian-made wooden campus rungs are the perfect tool for taking your finger strength to new heights!

  • [Polished smooth edges] Made from solid wood with polished edges for a comfortable grip during training
  • [Dual-sided] Dual-sided design allows you to use two sizes on one rung
  • [Comes in a pack of five] Pack of 5 rungs provides ample options for challenging yourself and progressing your training
  • [Suitable for advanced climbers] Suitable for advanced climbers who want to enhance their finger strength and grip strength
  • [Made in Australia] Australian-made by professionals for high quality and durability
  • [Training guide included] Comes with a short training guide and the hardware required for installation
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