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Light Weight Belay Glasses | High Transparent BK7 Prism for Climbing

Light Weight Belay Glasses | High Transparent BK7 Prism for Climbing

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Make belaying comfortable and fun with Mountain Rocks Belay Glasses. The belay glasses offer more than the essential: You can keep a close watch on the climber without hurting your neck, and at the same time these glasses will not obstruct the visibility of the surroundings. 

Key product features:

  • Lightweight: Our prism glasses weigh less than 100 grams and are very comfortable to wear. 
  • K9 Prism: Our belaying glasses come with high-quality BK7 Prism glasses to offer an excellent view of the climber. 
  • Small frame: The frame of our glasses is small. You do not want a large frame because it will obstruct your vision of the surroundings. 
  • Compatible: As the size is small, our glasses can be worn over regular glasses/sunglasses and helmets.  
  • Sturdy: The design comes with a nose pad to offer better stability
  • Shockproof case: The glasses have a high-quality shockproof case and a carabiner clip to attach to the harness. 
  • Shipped from Australia

The package contains the following:

  • 1 Belay glasses 
  • 1 Shockproof case
  • 1 Neckstrap
  • 1 Cleaning cloth
  • 1 Non-Climbing Carabiner clip to attach the case to the harness

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