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Rock Climbing Gear Organiser |Climbing Bags|Climbing Gear

Rock Climbing Gear Organiser |Climbing Bags|Climbing Gear

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 Protect your climbing equipment so that it can protect you when you climb!

This gear organizer is specifically designed for rock climbers. Use this gear bag to organize your climbing gear and protect it from wear, scratch and dust. It's easy to check the quantity of each item in the bag so that you can keep a count of your climbing gear.

  • Made of high-quality 420D Nylon material
  • Lightweight, durable and scratch proof.
  • The design includes multiple hanging loops and elastic zipper mesh bags to separate each type of equipment and check quantity quickly.
  • Easy to roll up the bag and secure the gear with a buckle.
  • Suitable to store slings, carabiners, quickdraws,  belay equipment, cams and nuts.  

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