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Wood 35mm gymnastic rings with finger training hangboard

Wood 35mm gymnastic rings with finger training hangboard

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Unlock your full potential with our Gymnastic Rings – the ultimate training equipment for climbers and fitness enthusiasts. These rings are designed to target three crucial areas of your body: upper body strength, core stability, and finger strength. With the added benefit of finger-training edges, you're getting the versatility of gym rings and a hangboard in a single piece of equipment.

[Climbers' Ultimate Training Gear]: Elevate your climbing game with our gym rings, designed to target the three essential areas: upper body, core, and finger strength. These rings feature finger-training edges, combining the benefits of gym rings and a hangboard in one versatile piece of equipment.

 [Tailored Finger Training]: Our gym rings offer versatile finger training with three edges of different depths (25mm, 16mm, and 10mm). Customize your finger-training workout for optimal results.

 [Effortless Setup with Numbered Straps]: Equipped with durable polyester straps and steel buckles, our gym rings come with numbered markings for easy setup and height equalization. The 2.5-meter length and 4cm width provide stability and comfort during your workouts.

 [Premium Birchwood Construction]: Crafted from solid Birchwood, our gym rings feature a smooth texture for a comfortable grip and precise control. Our ring can take a load of up to 250kgs

 [Enhanced Grip Strength]: With a 35mm diameter, these rings are designed to boost your grip strength, making them a top choice for climbers and gymnasts.

 [Lightweight and Portable]: Weighing just 1.7kg with the straps included, these gym rings are lightweight and portable, allowing you to train wherever your fitness journey takes you.

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