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Mountain Rocks Wooden Climbing Hangboard Wildwood 2001

Mountain Rocks Wooden Climbing Hangboard Wildwood 2001

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[Versatility in Training]: Our hangboard offers a comprehensive range of finger edges to suit your training needs, including 4 finger edges, 3 finger edges, 2 finger pockets, and 1 finger edge. The edge depths vary from 40mm to 13mm, providing a challenge for climbers of all levels.

[Personalize Your Progress]: We understand that progress is essential in climbing. That's why our hangboard includes 2 silicone inserts of 3mm depth, allowing you to adjust the edge depths as you advance in your training journey. Tailor your workouts to match your skill level.

[Amplify Your Routine]: Warm up and diversify your training with the inclusion of jugs for upper body exercises that complement finger training, such as dead-hangs, front levers, pull-ups, and more. Master slopers on the rock wall with dedicated sloper training.

[Expertly Crafted]: Designed and built by professionals, our hangboard boasts a magnificent appearance with smooth and rounded edges, all carved from a single piece of wood. Experience top-notch quality that meets your highest expectations.

[Lightweight and Easy to Mount]: Weighing just 1.6kg, our hangboard is effortlessly portable. Mounting the hangboard to your wall is a breeze, and we include all the necessary screws for a hassle-free setup.

[Complete Training Package]: Your success is our priority. That's why our hangboard comes with a comprehensive training plan, guiding you through effective workouts and ensuring you stay on track to reach your goals.

[Measure Your Progress]: Accompanied by a Mobile Holder, our hangboard enables you to track your hangtime using a compatible mobile app. Stay motivated and watch your performance soar.

[Fast Shipping]: Based in Australia, we promptly ship your order within two business days, ensuring you receive your hangboard swiftly.

Are you ready to conquer new challenges and revolutionize your climbing experience? Don't miss out on the ultimate training companion - order now and take the first step towards becoming a climbing powerhouse!

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