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Wooden Rock Climbing Holds Kids and Adults | Bouldering holds | Climbing Holds

Wooden Rock Climbing Holds Kids and Adults | Bouldering holds | Climbing Holds

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These wooden climbing holds can be used anywhere in your home, basement or garage to improve your grip strength and overall fitness. Wood is an ideal material for climbing holds because it does not create a slippery surface. The texture of wood creates friction that improves your grip on the rock climbing wall. Our 20 piece set comes in 7 different shapes and includes jugs, slopers, pinches ball slopers and footholds to give you an excellent climbing experience and challenge you at the same time. Comes with the hardware required for installation on a backboard or wooden board. 

Product features:

  • Versatile shapes: Our wooden holds come in seven different styles and include pinches, edges, slopers, ball slopers and foot holds to offer you a fun and challenging bouldering experience for your Home Woodie
  • Easy to grip and varying positivity: Our wooden holds are easy to grip. Apart from offering seven different styles, we have included holds of varying positivity in the 20 piece sets. Our jugs, pinches and edges offer excellent positivity, but at the same time we have included ball slopers and rectangle slopers to offer less positive holds
  • Wooden holds: Unlike plastic holds, our holds are made from solid beechwood with polished edges. The edges are smooth and it is safe for children and adults. The holds are made out of a single piece of wood, and it's durable and weather-resistant
  • Easy to install: Our holds are screw-on holds which makes it easy to install on your Woodie. As there are two screw holes, the holds stay sturdy on the climbing wall.  Hardware for installation included with the purchase
  • Easy to build routes: Directions are marked for building routes: Each hold is numbered and comes with marked arrows for you to easily read the angle of the holds when you place them on the wall

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